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Our clients often ask the following questions. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us or call (+39 333 84 24 047) for an immediate answer.


Q. Is your company fully insured, as requested by the Italian Law?
A. Yes we are. All of our vehicles and drivers have all of the licenses and permits required by Italian Law

Q. Is your company an Italian company?
A. Yes it is

Q. Where do you offer your services in Italy?
A. We offer our services in/from the most important locations (cities, Ports, Airports, Stations) in Italy; i.e Florence and Tuscany, Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Milan and Como Lake district, Venice, etc.


Q. What kind of services do you offer in Italy?

A. We offer custom chauffeur driven services, such us:

  • Transfers
  • Transfer - Tours
  • Daily Excursions
  • Shore Excursions
  • Walking Tours
  • Long distance car touring throughout Italy
We do NOT arrange hotels or accommodations

Q. Can I customize my itinerary?
A. Yes you can. This is exactly what we offer; personalized itineraries to perfectly suit your needs. All of the shown itineraries are only examples of possible tours, to help people unfamiliar with the areas with suggestions. Let us know your particular interests and we'll do our best to give a personal touch to your trip.

Q. Can I discuss/change my itinerary directly with the driver on the same day?
A. Yes you can. Traveling in a chauffeur driven car and at a relaxed pace, you can decide on the itinerary on the actual day of the tour, as our drivers have a thorough knowledge of sites and can literally create an itinerary that best suits your particular needs. Obviously you have to choose destinations that are feasible with your trip.

Q. Can we stop for lunch?

A. Yes you can. Simply let your driver know your tastes and needs and he will suggest you the best options.

Q. Can we stop for Shopping?
A. Yes you can. Simply let your driver know your tastes and needs and he will give you suggestions for the best options.

Q. What do you mean by Transfers?

A. Let us know your pick up time and location and one of our driver will be waiting for you there, to take you to your destination; we provide Airport, Sea-Port, Train Station Transfers, Point to Point transfers, etc.

Q. What do you mean by Transfer - Tours?
A. One of the most important things for our client is to maximize their time during their stay in Italy and have the chance to see as much as possible, in comfort, relaxation, safety, etc. That's why we suggest to stop for sightseeing, shopping, etc, during your transfer. Don't be hassled and lose your time, with bus or train schedules, strikes, luggage, confusion etc; your driver will pick you up where required, will be at your disposal with suggestions during the day, and will drop you off at your destination.

Q. What do you mean by Daily Excursions?

A. It is a tour with pick up/drop off where required (hotels, villas, apartments, etc) that will give you the chance to explore the surrounding areas in a day. Your driver will pick you up at your accommodation, show you the beauty of your itinerary and at the end of the day will drive you back to your accommodation.

Q. What do you mean by Shore Excursions?
A. These tours are only for cruisers. You just have one day in each port so time is precious! Our private shore excursions are the solution. We offer these kind of services from the most important Italian Ports.

Q. What do you mean by Walking tours?

A. Sometimes the best way to discover the secrets of the cities and breathe the true Italian atmosphere is by foot. Thanks to our professional licensed tour guides we can satisfy your curiosity for art, visiting museums, monuments, churches etc.

Q. What do you mean by Long distance car touring throughout Italy?
A. You have decided to visit Italy and want to see Rome, Florence and Venice (for example)? Ok! We can arrange a full customized package, including arrival and departure transfers, daily excursions, transfers between the main cities with stop off for sightseeing en-route, walking tours and more. Unfortunately at this time we do not arrange accommodations.


Q. Do your drivers speak English?
A. All of our drivers speak English

Q. Will my driver also be my tour guide?
A. While you are in the car he can explain basic things about history, arts, anecdotes, etc and answer questions for you. Your driver will be very knowledgeable and informative and he'll be able to suggest the best sites to visit, restaurants, shops, etc. But once outside the car he is not allowed to act as an official tour guide.
The Official Tour Guide is a professional with a license (compulsory for the Italian law) who can take people inside museums, churches and give specific detailed information. Please note I've heard many times the word driver-guide, what does it really means? Ask them if they are licensed to conduct guided tour inside museums, or if they simply prefer to use this title to seems more professional, informative, and ask you more money for the same services that we can offer.

Q. Are your drivers friendly?
A. All of our drivers are very friendly and professional and ready to add a personal touch to your trip.

Q. Can I request a specific driver?

A. Fortunately many times we receive from friends or relatives of our past satisfied clients, requests for specific drivers. We do our best to send you the requested driver, but as you can imagine sometimes it is not possible, also because there are many things that may change from the moment you book to the day of the service. Please be reassured that all of our drivers are trained to be friendly, informative and safe.


Q - What type of vehicles do you use?
A - Visit the car fleet link for a full display and description of our fleet.
All our vehicles are immaculately maintained, and equipped with: air conditioning, leather upholstery, ABS, ESP, frontal and side airbag, hi-fi, CD, satellite navigator, mobile phone, etc. Our entire fleet consists of the latest models with the highest level of amenities and luxury possible. Our specially selected fleet of luxury air-conditioned vehicles includes Mercedes Sedans, Mercedes vans and Mercedes Minibuses, such us:

  • Mercedes E class
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Mercedes Viano
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Mercedes Beluga, etc

Q. Do your vehicles have air conditioning?
A. Yes they have.

Q. How I can choose the vehicle that best suit my needs?
A. There are 2 things that you have to keep in mind when you choose your vehicle:
1) the number of people in your party
2) the amount of luggage that you are tavelling with (obviously if you will have luggage)
I.E A sedan can be ok for a party of 4 people with only 2 suitcases and cannot fit a party of 2 people with 4 suitcases.

Q. We are a party of 4 people do you suggest hiring a sedan or a van?
A. For transfers or services with luggage surely a van.
As for the tours it's up to you. All of our sedans are Mercedes and the largest models that we have in Italy , but obviously a van will be more comfortable, specially for a party of 4 adults.

Q. I have lots of luggage, will my vehicle have enough room?
A. When we suggest the vehicle for your party we consider that each passenger will have one suitcase and one small carry-ons. Please make sure that the amount of luggage you will be carrying fits in the chosen vehicle. We are not responsible for problems due to excess luggage.

Q. Will there be other people in the vehicle with us?
A. We only feature private transfer, tours, etc, your party only. But, you may add people you may meet during your vacation, this may also lower your rate per person, since our prices are per vehicle.

Q. Can I smoke in your vehicles?
A. All of our vehicles are non-smoking, but if required your chauffeur will stop whenever you want.

Q. Do you provide baby or booster seats?
A. Sometimes we can provide them. Please ask us in advance at the time of the booking for the availability

Q. What do I do if I discover that I have accidentally left something in the car?
A. If you have not already called us, we will immediately let you know if someone in your party has left an object of value in the vehicle. Please call at 333 8424047 to inquire about a lost item.

Q. We are a party of more than 8 people (9,10,11,...), do you suggest hiring a 9 to 16 seater minibus or 2 smaller vehicles (sedans or vans)?
A. The vehicles that hold up to 8 people can go anywhere (in front of the Cathedrals, museums, sites etc.) and so the walking distance is minimum which allows you to maximize your time.
The minibus/bus that holds from 9 people upwards, has some restrictions (apart from the size that doesn't always allow the driver to pass through the narrow roads) and cannot always reach the desired sites and so the clients are dropped off at the nearest access point.
Often the price difference between 2 vans and the minibus is minimum because of the city entrance fee that the minibus/bus has to pay.


Q. Where will I find my driver at the Airport?
A. After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you'll be routed to the public lounge where throngs of people wait for passengers to come out. Your driver will be waiting in front of the exit gate holding a sign with your name on it.
Normally it takes about 20/30 minutes from the time when the plane lands until you actually get to the public lounge. If you see that it will take longer, for example if your luggage is lost or simply takes it a long time to come out, please call us or ask the custom officer to let you come out for a second to tell your driver you'll be late.

From any Italian public or cell phone you just dial 333 8424047 , but if you carry a cell phone registered outside of Italy you also need to dial the country code +39 so the whole sequence should be: 0039 333 8424047
Any different instructions to meet your driver will be notified on your confirmation voucher.

Q. Where will I find my driver at the Train Station?
A. Your driver will be waiting for you at the end of the platform showing a sign with your name on it. You should simply come down from your carriage and walk towards the head of the train until you see your driver.
Any different instructions to meet your driver will be notified on your confirmation voucher.

Q. Where will I find my driver at the Port?

A. Your driver will be waiting for you showing a sign with your name on it, in front of the main exit of the ship (if the ship has 2 exits please check both). Your vehicle will be parked right on the pier, as close as possible to the ship. Your name will also be posted on its windshield.

Q. Where will I find my driver at the Hotel?
A. First of all, your driver will look for you in the lobby of your hotel, after that he will ask the concierge to call your room to advise you that your driver will be waiting outside, near the car. However it's a lot easier for the clients to spot the driver than it is for him to spot you.
Please note: some small Hotels do not have enough space, close to the door to park the car;
in this case, if possible, we kindly request you to be on time and wait close to the door, so the driver can stop the car for a few seconds, and you can promptly get in. Otherwise the driver has to reboard the vehicle, turn around and check again for you.

Q. We are staying at a private Villa, where I will find my driver?
A. You driver will pick you up directly at you villa. Please be sure to give us the right and complete address, because many times the name of the Villa is a fantasy name.

Q. We are staying at a private apartment, where will I find my driver?
A. You are kindly request to wait for your driver, close to the main door, in the street, because many times, and specially in the city center, it is very hard for the driver to park the car to look for you.

Q. What happens if I cannot recognize my driver?
A. On your confirmation voucher you will find our contact phone number that is working 24/24 7/7 365. Please call us for any inconvenience and we will help you with directions to meet the driver. Remember if you leave without having been in touch with us it will be considered as a no-show.

Q. I'm waiting for my driver at the right time and place, but he is not there?
A. Usually your driver will leave the garage on time to arrive at the appointment with plenty of time. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances it is impossible. We suggest you wait a few minutes and then contact us for information.


Q. Are your prices per vehicle or per person?
A. All of our prices are per vehicle and NOT per person

Q. What is included or not included in your price?
A. All of our prices include: a pick up and drop off where required, a private high class, luxury air-conditioned vehicle with and an English speaking driver at your disposal for the whole duration of the service, including all taxes, tolls and gasoline.

Our prices do not include meals, tips, entrance tickets to museums when required or other customers expenses, unless otherwise specified on your confirmation voucher.