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Cinque Terre from Florence

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The perfect trip: Cinque Terre from Florence

Explore breathtaking Cinque Terre, a UNESCO Heritage site. Five miles of spectacular rocky coast, vineyards, medieval fishing villages built on cliffs. Now add the incredible colors of the sea and sky and you may understand why this is a much-desired destination!

Start your adventure

Your small-group tour to Cinque Terre from Florence starts meeting the other participants. During the 2,5 hours drive, from the highway admire the white Alpi Apuane, famous for the marble that gave life to masterpieces of Italian world-renowned architecture and sculptures.

Take the local train/boat with an experienced tour guide and visit Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare!

Manarola and Vernazza

As soon as you get to Cinque Terre, your perfect picture of these incredible lands turns into reality! The blue of the sky and sea blend all in one, vines fill up steep slopes, proof of a constant human work that has never given up to the difficult nature of the territory.

Learn the secrets and stories from your knowledgeable tour guide about this particular and complex area. Take the local train and boat to see Manarola (the ‘quietest’ of the five towns) and Vernazza (the most picturesque).

Monterosso al Mare

Once in Monterosso al Mare, it’s time to relax! After an introduction to the area, enjoy the free time on your own: wander the village and have lunch (not included), admire the ancient churches, buy souvenirs, have a gelato, or just relax on the beach and take a dip in crystalline waters.



At the end of the day enjoy a comfortable ride back to the meeting point in Florence.

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Will I visit all of the 5 villages of Cinque Terre?
No, and for a good reason. After years of ‘experimenting’, we found the perfect solution to maximize your time and enjoy this beautiful area with maximum comfort: concentrate the visit on 3 out of the 5 villages (Manarola, Vernazza & Monterosso).



How do we move through the villages?
You will reach the area by bus and once there, you will use the local train and/or boat service.
Normally, we take the boat between Vernazza and Monterosso. In case the boat service is not running due to weather conditions, the ride will be by local train. At the end of the day, you will come back to Florence by bus.



Will the guide be with us all day?
Your guide will be with you all day, except for the free time in Monterosso where each party will spend time according to preferences (restaurant, shopping, beach, etc.).
Unlike most of the tours inclusive of an escort service that just coordinates the logistic of the day and lets you visit on your own, our guide will be with you during all the rides and the visits to the villages.



Do I need particular physical conditions to join the tour?
This is not a hiking tour, so you don’t need particular hiking skills to join. However, due to the morphologic nature of the area and logistics of the tour, the experience is not suitable for people with walking difficulties, wheelchair users, etc.



What should I wear and bring?
Comfortable walking shoes and something waterproof in case of rain are highly recommended.
Don’t forget the high temperature in summer. It can be very hot, so consider sunglasses, sunblock, water and swimsuit and towel if you want to swim in the Ligurian sea.



Can I join the tour with an infant/child younger than 8?
Unfortunately, no. We love infants/children however, we decided to limit the minimum age of the participants to 8 years old.
As an alternative, please have a look at our private version of the Cinque Terre tour.



Can we remain in Cinque Terre at the end of the tour?
Yes, you can! And if you are traveling with luggage, you can collect them from the driver at the end of the day or bring them with you in the morning, whatever works best for you. In any case, you must tell us at the time of booking.



You may find additional info on our FAQs page, in the Small-Group Tours section.

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