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Private tour Bagnoregio & Orvieto from Civitavecchia Port

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All health and safety measures are in place. Also keep in mind that booking a private service you will be the only party in the vehicle. The top solution in terms of safety, comfort, privacy and flexibility. Relax and enjoy your experience.



Visit Bagnoregio and Orvieto from Civitavecchia Port

A journey into millennial art walk the ancient streets of Orvieto, then cross a unique bridge only connection of Bagnoregio tiny village. All this directly from your gate at Civitavecchia Port, after a comfortable ride of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Cross the bridge

Atop a hill over a wide valley, Civita di Bagnoregio is a real fairy tale only reachable by foot: from a striking bridge (over 300 yards high) that makes the village seem floating in the air. Wonder the narrow streets, medieval stone houses and spectacular views of the valley below.

Ancient roots

This small characteristic town has Etruscan origins and more than 2500 years of history! In origin, the area where the city magnificently rises today was occupied by the acropolis, with temples and forums. The Etruscans and the Romans later, were aware of the territory instability and thus they implemented important maintenance works to steam the two rivers and raining waters.

Explore the dying village

After the Romans, the village was neglected and slowly abandoned by its population. Today Civita di Bagnoregio is called the dying village, as less than 11 people inhabitants the town due to erosion and landslides, the town is everything but sleepy as many visitors come to get a glimpse of this unique treasure.

Discover Orvieto

Breath the culture and unforgettable beauty of the small city of Orvieto. High above the valley, Orvieto was built on an underground tunnels system (over 1200!) of volcanic rock. Etruscan origins of the city were traced back to the 19th century BC. From 236 BC the Romans took it over and called it Urbs Vetus, from which ‘Orvieto’ derives.

The Medieval era

During the Medieval period, the city had an important economic and social development getting to become a free town. Between the 13th-14th centuries, it reached its major splendor dominating wide areas of today’s Tuscany and Latium.

After years of civil and religious wars, in 1354 cardinal Albornoz asserted Church control over the territory, and in 1449 the town became part of the State Church until 1860 when the Kingdom of Italy was born.

The magnificent Cathedral

Testimony of this greatness are the beautifully maintained buildings including the magnificent Cathedral with its particular mosaic façade. Today Orvieto attracts travelers from all over the world with its ancient wine and local shops, thousands of years of majorca ceramics tradition, the magnificent Saint Patrick’s Well and the unforgettable Cathedral.

Civita di Bagnoregio

Your amazing tour continues with a 30 minutes drive to reach the second impressive must-seen town in Italy: Orvieto




Your splendid private day tour to Bagnoregio and Orvieto from Civitavecchia Port ends with a relaxing drive back to your pier at Civitavecchia Port.

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Can we reserve a local guide directly on site on the day?
Unfortunately, no! If you’d like to add this optional service you must book it at the time of reservation, or at least a few days in advance.



Is this tour accessible for people with disability?
Yes, it is! We can accommodate people with reduced mobility and foldable wheelchair/scooters users.

Please note: it is mandatory to specify each specific need at the time of booking and in case of wheelchair/scooters, the exact dimensions to be sure they can fit in the trunk of the vehicle.



How much walking is involved on this tour to Bagnoregio and Orvieto from Civitavecchia Port?
Some walking is involved. You can only get to Civita di Bagnoregio by walking over a steep bridge, plus the walking at the discovery of the tiny village.

In Orvieto, we have special permits/licenses to enter any area. Of course, the best way to visit the city center is by walking.



Are the entrance fees included in the price?
The entrance fees are not included in the price. If you are interested, your driver can give you all the info to buy the admission tickets on-site.

Keep in mind that normally in Italy, it is mandatory to have shoulders and knees covered to enter religious sites.



Are meals included in the price?
Meals are not included on this tour so you are free to decide the option that best suits your needs. Your driver can suggest you according to your taste.



You may find additional info on our FAQs page, in the Private Cruise Tours section.

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