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Transfer Florence to Venice via Bologna

All health and safety measures are in place. Also keep in mind that booking a private service you will be the only party in the vehicle. The top solution in terms of safety, comfort, privacy, and flexibility. Relax and enjoy your experience.



Transfer Florence to Venice with stop in Bologna

Maximize your time, take advantage of your transfer between Florence and Venice with stop in Bologna and visit this beautiful city. Rich in art and culture, Bologna merges its glorious past with the present.

Ancient buildings and castles become the stage for art exhibitions, concerts and open-air cinemas. History is kept as part of today’s life of the Bolognese people.

Ancient origins

Many of the old houses of medieval structures hide under their foundation the ancient Roman city which traces back to the 2nd century BC. Some other houses have even Iron Age traces!

Cultural travel for artists

The golden age for Bolognese art was the 14th and 17th century and with its great heritage the city became an important stop in the cultural travel artists like Füssli, Goethe and Stendhal would take from the North to Rome.

What to see in Bologna

Famous for its about 40km (24 miles) of porticoes the longest in the world, a symbol of Bologna’s hospitality and ancient center of trade and communication.

But also for its medieval towers, the Santo Stefano church complex, the imposing basilica of San Petronio in the main square of the city.

Walk the city center

Despite the demolitions in the 19th century and the distractions in World War II, the city was able to maintain its integrity and character that still today we can admire. The medieval city center is among the largest and better maintained in Europe and is full of taverns, theaters and workshops.

Culture meets food

Bologna is not only ‘the learned’ with the oldest university in the world, but also ‘the fat’ renowned for its amazing food culture made of ancient traditions and recipes of ragù, lasagna and delicious tortellini!



Enjoy this unique city and then relax during the comfortable drive to your destination in Venice.

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Can we reserve a local guide directly on-site, on the day?
Unfortunately, no! If you’d like to add this optional service you must book it at the time of reservation or at least a few days in advance.


Is the private transfer from Florence to Venice with a stop in Bologna, accessible for people with disability?
Yes, it is! We can accommodate people with reduced mobility and foldable wheelchair/scooters users.
Please note: it is mandatory to specify each specific need at the time of booking and in the case of wheelchair/scooters, the exact dimensions/weight to be sure they can fit in the trunk of the vehicle.


How much walking is involved in the private transfer from Florence to Venice with a stop in Bologna?
It is totally up to you! Our vehicles have special permits/licenses to circulate almost everywhere (pedestrian areas included).
Obviously, the best way to enjoy historic city centers is by walking. Remember that being a private service, you are free to decide your own pace with no rush.


Are the entrance fees for attractions in Bologna included in the price?
The entrance fees for attractions are not included in the price. If you are interested, your driver can give you all the info to buy the admission tickets on-site.
Keep in mind that normally in Italy, it is mandatory to have shoulders and knees covered to enter religious sites.


We are leaving Italy from the Airport in Venice (or Florence) on the same day of the transfer, can we be dropped off directly at the airport?
Yes, you can but please let us know the exact departure flight details. In this way we can schedule your day accordingly, to arrive at the Airport at the perfect time.


You may find additional info on our FAQs page, in the Private Transfers section.

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