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Private Tour to Siena & San Gimignano from Livorno Port

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All health and safety measures are in place. Also keep in mind that booking a private service you will be the only party in the vehicle. The top solution in terms of safety, comfort, privacy and flexibility. Relax and enjoy your experience.



Wonder Tuscany, discover Siena and San Gimignano from Livorno

The perfect experience to visit two of the most charming medieval cities in Tuscany and the world-famous Tuscan countryside. See the highlights of Siena, take a picture of the hilltop fortress in Monteriggioni, admire the beautiful Tuscan countryside and walk narrow quaint streets in San Gimignano from Livorno!


Your private day to Siena and San Gimignano from Livorno Port starts with a scenic one-hour drive through the Tuscan countryside. The first stop is Siena, the birthplace of the beloved Italian Saint Catherine.

Wander narrow streets and medieval towers

This beautiful city is made of brown Siena-colored bricks, that’s how they named the color! A jumble of narrow streets and delightful squares with medieval towers that make a spectacular skyline, the magnificent Cathedral and the tall and trim Torre del Mangia. Enjoy the enticing atmosphere almost like stepping back in time.

Discover famous Piazza del Campo

Siena was built on three hills and is home to one of the most authentic and important Gothic cathedrals. Despite the city’s architectural masterpieces, it is the unusual shell-shaped Piazza del Campo that receives the most consideration, famous location for films and photographs.

Palio race

In this brick-covered square twice a year takes place the famous Palio horserace. It involves the entire population and it is considered one of the most important events in the life of the Senese people. Almost anything will be done to win this extremely competitive race and bring home the palio, a silk banner proudly displayed in the ‘contrada’ or neighborhood it represents.


Stop in Monteriggioni, a 13th-century hilltop fortress. A tiny village that has maintained its original defensive walls and medieval atmosphere, surrounded by spectacular views over the countryside.


While traveling to San Gimignano, admire the typical Tuscan landscape with postcard views over vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills and old stone buildings and wineries.


Explore medieval San Gimignano, a small town in Tuscany famous for its splendid skyline made up of 13 towers! This hilltop 11th-century town rises along the ancient road ‘Via Francigena’ on which traders and pilgrims going to Rome traveled. San Gimignano prospered considerably during this period thanks to this route and all the inns built along its way to host travelers.

Ancient towers and museums

Besides its 13 remaining towers, see the ‘Duomo’ or Collegiate Church and its magnificent frescoes, ‘Palazzo del Popolo‘ and ‘Palazzo Nuovo del Podestà’ now the town hall. Enter the church dedicated to Saint Augustine, the Museum of Holy Relics, and the infamous Museum of Torture with its macabre displays of early torture instruments.

Today, its important cultural and natural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO.

Local crafts

Wander up and down the main street in San Gimignano, go in and out of the numerous specialty shops! The ceramics are beautiful here and there are also places for buying leather goods and linens.

Taste vernaccia wine

Are you a food and wine lover? Many shops and wine bars have delicious local products including the Vernaccia wine typical from here, one of the most ancient grape varieties in Italy even mentioned by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy!



Your perfect tour to Siena and San Gimignano from Livorno Port ends with a relaxing drive back to your ship.

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Can we reserve a local guide directly on-site, on the day?
Unfortunately, no! If you’d like to add this optional service you must book it at the time of reservation or at least a few days in advance.



Are the entrance fees for the attractions in Siena and San Gimignano included in the price?
The price does not include any entrance fee. If you are interested, please advise us at the time of reservation or book them directly through the website.

Keep in mind that normally in Italy, to enter religious sites it is mandatory to have shoulders and knees covered.



Is the private tour to Siena and San Gimignano from Livorno Port accessible for people with disability?
Yes, it is! We can accommodate people with reduced mobility and foldable wheelchair/scooters users.

Please note: it is mandatory to specify each specific need at the time of booking and in case of wheelchair/scooters, the exact dimensions to be sure they can fit in the trunk of the vehicle.



How much walking is involved in the private tour to Siena and San Gimignano from Livorno Port?
It is totally up to you! Our vehicles have special permits/licenses to circulate almost everywhere (pedestrian areas included). The best way to enjoy historic city centers is by walking. You are free to decide your own pace with no rush.



You may find additional info on our FAQs page, in the Private Cruise Tours section.

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